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Ostrich Runners - 2 Pack

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UPC 810723035360

Ingredients: Ostrich bone.

Description: This chew is about 7 inches long, with some natural variation in length and thickness. 2 pieces per resealable bag, each individual piece is shrinkwrapped. This chew is from an ostrich toe (the digit), and made of several pieces of bone connected with ligaments and tendons. Wood smoked for extra flavor.

Key Benefits: 

- Unlike common protein sources like chicken or beef, many dogs haven't tried ostrich, making it a perfect choice for dogs with frustrating food allergies.

- Packed with protein and low in fat, ostrich presents an ideal solution for a variety of dogs with special dietary requirements, including: working canine athletes seeking extra protein in their diet, to dogs counting calories or requiring a low-fat diet for their well-being, to powerful chewers needing a treat that's extra large and durable.

Chew Meter: Super Tough

Made in South Africa