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Want to maximize your treat bar profitability? We’ll show you how to do it.  

We've visited hundreds of pet supply stores across the country, chatted with thousands of pet store business owners, and have identified a few key characteristics of the top performing stores. If a treat sells well at one pet store, chances are, that same treat will also sell well at a different pet store, even one that's located thousands of miles away. Something as simple as signage, or the location of your treat display, can help turn a languishing chew bar into the most profitable category at your store.

We've gathered over 10 years of sales data to help our customers like you across the country improve their bottom line.

Submit your contact information and our Sales Director, Dan, will reach out with you to chat about your store. Based on what you're currently selling, how you're currently displaying your dog treats, the location of your treat section within the store, and other factors, we can give you advice on how to improve and optimize your chew bar and treat section with the space you currently have.

We're here to help you grow!