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Downloadable 6"x3" Product Shelf Talkers

Need some help marketing the brand new treats you purchased from us? Here are some downloadable 6"x3" shelf talkers for you to print out and display next to your chew display! Each shelf talker displays a product photo, description, ingredients, treat benefits, chew meter, and product name.

Sorted by alphabetical order, by name.

95% Meat Flips

95% Meat Bites

Beef Wing Bones

Bully Rings

Bully Snaps

Braided Mini Bulls

Gator Chews

Pig Ear Slivers

Salmon Skin Chips

Sweet Potato Chips

Trachea Bites

Tremenda Bites

Tremenda Discs

Yak Cheese Puffs

Yak Cheese Waffles