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Pairing Toys with Treats

Many of the toys already on your shelves pair perfectly with Tuesday's Natural Dog Company products

If your customer's dogs don't seem too interested in a toy, pair it with a treat to make it much more appealing to their dog.

If your customer's dogs eat their treats way too quickly, put it into a puzzle toy to slow them down.

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Frida Qwizl Bully Stick Dog

This Large Qwizl from Westpaw fits most of our 12" Standard Bully Sticks. This pairing is a good suggestion for customers who are concerned about their dog swallowing the last few inches of a chew.

Australian Koolie plays with Kong Gyro

This Kong Gyro (available in small and large sizes) is a fun dispenser for many of our smaller treats. For an easier challenge, use bite sized pieces, like our Training Bites. For a tougher challenge, use our larger treats, like the 95% Meat Flips, and tear them up into pieces that are just slightly smaller than the hole.

More coming soon! If you have any suggestions you'd like to share, please contact us below!