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Our office and warehouse are closed on Monday, May 27 for Memorial Day.
Our office and warehouse are closed on Monday, May 27 for Memorial Day.

The Natural Dog Company is Going Greener!

We've got some exciting new changes in our operations protocol in an effort to reduce our environmental impact and promote sustainable business practices!

“The Natural Dog Company has always been known for its quality treats and chews,” Dan Goodnow, CEO and founder, explains, “Many of our chews are sourced from free-range, grass fed cattle, and our emphasis is on single ingredient treats, so that you know exactly what you’re feeding your dogs. We have been steadily growing as a company over the last 11 years, and we’re seeing an opportunity in the pet industry where we can lead the charge and start promoting sustainability and environmentally friendly pet products. Other companies will see this emerging change and will have to start thinking about their own practices and how they can be ‘greener’. It’s a win-win for our planet.”

In an effort to generate less waste, consume less energy, and improve the quality of life for animals and humans, we have implemented the following procedures:

  1. Plastic Neutral Certification - The Natural Dog Company is working closely with rePurpose Global, to fund the collection, processing, and reuse of as much ocean-bound plastic waste as it uses across its packaging and operations. In addition, all of the packaging used by The Natural Dog Company is recyclable.

  2. Efficient Energy Conservation - their corporate facilities and warehouse are designed with natural light, LED bulbs, occupancy sensors, daylight dimmers, and task lighting.

  3. Supplier Code of Conduct - All of The Natural Dog Company’s trusted suppliers meet rigorous expectations in regards to: legal requirements, ethical practices, human rights, and environmental management.

  4. Clean Supply Chain - The Natural Dog Company is working on an ongoing process that involves analyzing their supply chains and identifying areas of risk, recording traceability as thoroughly as they can with their suppliers, as well as engaging with their suppliers to ensure their compliance. Their ultimate goal is to certify that all of their treats are deforestation free by 2021.

  5. Corporate Social Responsibility - 100% of The Natural Dog Company’s employees are on a Full Time Equivalent basis and are paid at least the equivalent of a living wage for an individual.

Ethical and sustainable business practices are becoming increasingly important for the future of our planet, especially as people become more aware of how their actions can affect the earth. As a growing company, we take this responsibility seriously as we continue to strive to make the world a better place, not just for dogs, but for people, too.