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Small Beef Chewies (Bulk)

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UPC 810723034448

Ways to Buy it: Sold in packs of 25 pieces. The price listed is per piece.

Ingredients: 100% beef hide.

Country of Origin: Turkey.

Description: Each individual piece will have an elastic barcode. Each piece measures about 6" long, though there can be some variation in length and thickness. This treat starts out firm but it quickly breaks down into a soft and chewy texture.

Sales Tip: These beef chewies are a great alternative to rawhide bones and rolls. Beef chewies aren't processed as heavily as traditional rawhide and still retain the different layers of the skin. Unlike a rawhide knotted bone, beef chewies are less dense, made out of one continuous piece of skin (rather than smaller scraps cooked together in a mold) and more digestible.

Recommended for: Small to medium sized dogs, all life stages (including puppies).

Chew Time: A long lasting chew for small dogs, a moderately lasting chew for medium to large dogs.


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