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Ostrich Long Bone (Bulk)

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UPC 810723036367

Ingredients: Ostrich bone (tibiotarsus).

Description: This extra long bone is over 20 inches long, with some natural variation in length and thickness, and individually shrinkwrapped. Our ostrich bones are wood smoked which provides an irresistible flavor that dogs love.

Key Benefits: 

- Unlike common protein sources like chicken or beef, many dogs haven't tried ostrich, making it a perfect choice for dogs with frustrating food allergies.

Low in fatWhile beef bones are known to be greasy, ostrich bones are surprisingly clean and grease-free.

- This bone is HUGE! Perfect for dogs who are gulpers and try to swallow smaller chews whole.

Chew Meter: Super Tough. This is a very long lasting chew, due to its large size and tough texture.

Made in South Africa


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