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Ostrich Tendon Mix - 6 oz

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UPC 810723036343

Ingredients: Ostrich Tendons

Description: An assortment of different sized ostrich tendons. Each bag contains approximately: 50% sinew (smaller thin pieces of tendon), 40% spoons (long, broad shaped tendon), and 10% crispies (smaller, round, flat shaped tendon). Each tendon is wood smoked and has a pleasant smell reminiscent of barbequed meat. 6 oz of assorted tendons per resealable bag.

Key Benefits: 

- Keep your dog running, jumping, and playing longer with this healthy chew that is a rich source of collagen, which may help with maintaining joint health.

Unlike common protein sources like chicken or beef, many dogs haven't tried ostrich, making it a perfect choice for dogs with frustrating food allergies.

- Pound for pound, ostrich is lower in fat, higher in protein and minerals when compared to beef and chicken! Ostrich is an ideal protein choice for a variety of dogs with special dietary requirements, such as working canine athletes seeking extra protein in their diet or dogs counting calories or requiring a low-fat diet for their well-being.

Chew Meter: Medium - Tough. The smaller "sinew" tendons will have a shorter chew time compared to the larger "spoon" shaped tendons.

Made in South Africa


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