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Elk Antler - Small Whole

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UPC 851265004469

Case quantity: Sold each piece.

Sourced: from our backyard in the Colorado Rockies! All of our antlers are naturally shed.

We only sell grade A and B antlers, which means that it's nearly in perfect condition and there's still the natural brown coloration and no sun damage.

Other specs: All of our antlers are hand sorted by weight. Small antlers weigh 100g or less.

Good for: Our Small Elk Antlers are ideal for small (under 20lbs) dogs who are powerful chewers. Antlers have no odor and will leave no residue behind while being chewed.

Please note: Antlers are very dense and hard - we do not recommend them for dogs with underlying dental problems. Elk antlers have a higher ratio of soft inner marrow compared to the extremely hard outer layer, meaning that it won't be as dense as a deer antler.


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