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Elk Antler - Small Split

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UPC 855591005800

Case quantity: Sold each piece.

Sourced: from our backyard in the Colorado Rockies! All of our antlers are naturally shed.

We only sell grade A and B antlers, which means that it's nearly in perfect condition and there's still the natural brown coloration and no sun damage.

Other specs: All of our antlers are hand sorted by weight. Small antlers weigh 100 grams or less.

The center of the elk antler is exposed for easy chewing in the middle and more challenging chewing on the outside. Split antlers are recommended for dogs who might not be used to chewing on antlers; however, a split antler is not as durable as a whole antler.

Please note: Antlers are extremely dense and hard - we do not recommend them for dogs with underlying dental problems.

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