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USA Chicken Jerky - 3 oz

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Ingredients: 100% chicken, USA sourced and manufactured. There are no additives, preservatives, fillers, or chemicals used in the manufacturing process - this is an all natural treat!

Good for...: This is a single ingredient treat, so it's perfect for picky dogs or individuals with dietary sensitivities. Feed your dog a whole strip as a delicious snack, or, easily break it into small pieces (an ideal training treat)! Recommend to your customers to stuff some of these treats into a puzzle toy. This extends the enjoyment of the treat by a considerable amount, and also provides much needed enrichment and mental stimulation! For any dog, working at a puzzle toy to extract food is "calming" and helps them relax.

Other specs: This product is packaged in a 3oz clear resealable bag. There is some variation in size for each individual piece, and the texture is thin and crisp.

Guaranteed analysis:
Crude protein (min %) 80.71%
Crude fiber (max %) 0.62%
Crude fat (min %) 7.57%
Moisture (max %) 11.97%